Yes please! 

As our keystone annual event, we rely on the Run to raise enough funds to support our awesome partners Streetfront Alternative  to achieve their goals. 

Over the last 11 years, SHLF has been able to provide this incredible Alternative programme with an operating budget that has allowed them to spend 35 school days a year doing outdoor adventures and helping hundreds of at-risk youth finish marathons. 

Help them achieve their goals and Make a Difference by Donating or Fundraising on their behalf!  Start a Fundraising Page with your registration.




Run donations and fundraising pages are made via the Strachan Hartley Legacy Fund at Tides Canada Foundation. 

Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation Fund at Tides Canada supports qualified donees. All gifts to the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation Fund at Tides Canada Foundation are subject to the requirements of the Income Tax Act. Gifts of $10 or more to the Fund will receive a charitable tax receipt. Tides Canada Foundation is a public foundation that is dedicated to social and environmental issues.