The purpose of SHLF

Our Mission

To provide youth the opportunity to achieve their full potential through sports and education. Make a difference.

Core Activity Areas

The Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation believes in the inherent power of sports to educate and develop young people in a positive manner – to teach crucial life skills that can make a difference between success and failure; perseverance and giving up; between potential fulfilled and potential wasted; between energy used for the benefit of society, and energy used against it.

As such, the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation endeavors to support activities that provide the following:

• Increase the opportunities for youth to participate in sporting activities at all levels
• Promotes the building of life skills and access to education through sports
• Uses the vehicle of sports to address key youth development issues


The Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation endeavors to partner with organizations who:

a. Target group is youth in need
b. Uses sports as a primary vehicle
c. Resonates at a grass roots / community level

Additionally, we seek programs where

(a) The program will promote education or social awareness.

While sports were seen as inherently educational and valuable, those programs that have an education component, or have targeted initiatives to build life skills are preferred over those that just provide access to sport.

(b) Organisation or program is a credible long-term partner for the SHLF.

The SHLF believes that in order to make a genuine difference, a long-term commitment to projects is required. Thus projects are preferred if they are:
• sustainable
• have a holistic vision for the future

(c) The impact of the program has a broad reach.

Programs or projects are preferred if they:
• target youth at particularly vulnerable points in their development as individuals
• carry with them important development messages.

(d) Program provides impact for a greater number of youth.

While we do not rule out a program that might support only one child, the Foundation has a preference for projects that have the capacity to reach more youth.

(e) Program or initiative will be a good vehicle for spreading the “Make a Difference” message of Strachan Hartley.

Spreading the vision, keeping the momentum and touching people with the Make A Difference message is an important component of the work of the Foundation.