Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation

Founded in 2007, the Foundation has made great strides in a short time.


Our Mission

To provide youth the opportunity to achieve their full potential through sports and education. To make a difference. The Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation endeavors to support activities that fall with our Core Activity Areas, while forming partnerships with organizations that share our vision.
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How are we Making a Difference?

The Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation regularly evaluates the impact our grants are having on the organizations we support. The findings are inspiring. Below are updates. 
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In memory of Dr. Strachan Hartley, 1976 - 2007

During his 30 years, Strachan left a powerful legacy of friendship, sport and scholarship in Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal. But most of all, Strachan will be remembered for his warm sense of humor, compassion, humility and integrity.
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SHLF Board and Committees

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, and powered by three loyal committees in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. Through the dedication of these individuals, friends and family, fundraisng events have been held across the country and internationally.
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