5K Men Dylan Uhrich, 19:29
5K Women Laura Orzel, 24:11
5K Boys Elijah Headley, 20:59
5K Girls Zoe Gold, 24:07
10K Men Adam Way, 35:19
10K Women Meredith Cale, 42:26
10K Boys Samuel Zlotnik, 45:59
10K Girls Eliot Scott, 54:38
Fastest Team Cypress Ski Team, 2:09:24
Top Fundraiser JTS Consulting/Wattch, $2,700

RUN Records

5K Men Paul Fisher, 17:50 (2022)
5K Women Tina-Louise Harris, 21:24 (2014)
5K Boys Paul Fisher, 18:08 (2019)
5K Girls Charlotte Prangley, 21:54 (2016)
10K Men Kevin Friesen, 34:12 (2014)
10K Women Carmen Ballard, 40:25 (2011)
10K Boys James Dalke, 39:00 (2010)
10K Girls Sierra Sidwell, 39:14 (2018)
Fastest Team Distance Runwear, 2:01:46 (2022)
Top Fundraiser JTS Consulting/Wattch, $28,000+ (2013-2023)

Past Results

Men Womens
2023 5K 10K 5K 10K
2022 5K 10K 5K 10K
2019 5K 10K 5K 10K
2018 5K 10K 5K 10K
2017 5K 10K 5K 10K
2016 5K 10K 5K 10K
2015 5K 10K 5K 10K


Mark Bates Photography has given the run the most incredible gift of annual photo galleries. Note there are no Galleries for the Virtual Runs in 2020 and 2021.

Run Supporters

Thank you to our Sponsors and Community Partners for making all of this possible. Below is a phenomenal example of local organizations giving back.